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  Below you will find the frequently asked questions (f.a.q) about our engraving service:


How do you engraving?

NurseOClock USA use one of the ultimatest engraving laser machine. With this special fiber laser is posible to engrave your wished text, your name or any symbol in a few products.


What products can be engraved?

All the products with the engraving option available or with the engraving logo on the photo product are valid to be engraved. Some products can be engraved on the back side. You will find that information on the product description.



Graveerservice informatie


Can I engrave emoticons and symbols as well?

Of course! On  NurseOClock USA you can engrave plenty of symbols and emoticos. The available symbols and emoticons  you will find at the engraving options.

Graveerservice symbolen en emoticons


Can I engrave my own logo?

Yes! With an order of minimum 50 quantity we can engrave your own logo or other images on the wished product. Feel free to contact  us and we will offer you all the possibilities.